OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Labour Delivery

Code Description Fee
C989 Special visit for first obstetrical delivery with sacrifice of office hours $77.95
E502 Vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) whether successful or unsuccessful $52.05
P006 Vaginal $508.70
P007 Postnatal care in hospital and/or home $56.25
P008 Postnatal care in office $37.60
P009 Attendance at labour and delivery $508.70
P010 Attendance of obstetric consultant(s) at delivery $215.45
P018 Caesarean section $591.45
P020 Operative delivery $546.35
P029 Manual removal of retained placenta $55.50

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P036 Repair of laceration vaginal $55.50
P038 Attendance at labour when patient transferred to another centre for delivery $215.45
P039 Repair of laceration cervical $55.50
P041 Caesarean section including tubal interruption $621.45
P042 Caesarean section including hysterectomy $854.10
P045 Repair of third degree tear or episiotomy extension, must include repair of perianal sphincter and perineum $83.80
P046 Repair of fourth degree tear or episiotomy extension, must include repair of rectal mucosa, perianal sphincter and perineum $204.00
Z774 Postpartum haemorrhage exploration of vagina and cervix, uterine curettage $95.70

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