OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Cardiovascular

Code Description Fee
G115 External cardiac pacing (temporary transthoracic) once per 24hour period $47.25
G176 Electrophysiologic Pacing, Mapping and Ablation atrial pacing and mapping $340.95
G177 Electrophysiologic Pacing, Mapping and Ablation ventricular pacing and mapping $425.20
G178 Electrophysiologic pacing, mapping and ablation catheter ablation therapy $359.15
G179 Electrophysiologic pacing, mapping and ablation repeat pacing, mapping and catheter ablation for additional distinct arrhythmia(s) without the use of an advanced mapping system $113.45
G249 Electrophysiologic measurements (includes one or all of sinus node recovery times, HIS bundle measurements, conduction times and/or refractory periods), includes percutaneous access and insertion of electrodes $236.30
G259 Arrhythmia induction ventricular $391.00
G261 Arrhythmia induction atrial $337.70
G268 Vascular cannulation Cannulation of artery for pressure measurements including cut down as necessary $31.90
G269 Vascular cannulation Cannulation of central vein for pressure measurements or for feeding line not to be billed with right heart catheterization (Z439) or with SwanGanz catheter insertion $31.90

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G270 Vascular cannulation Intraosseous infusion $24.40
G271 Anticoagulant supervision longterm, telephone advice per month $13.00
G275 Exchange transfusion $209.60
G276 Donor cell pheresis (platelets or leukocytes) $15.65
G277 Therapeutic plasma exchange initial and repeat, to a maximum of 5 per year each $83.65
G278 Therapeutic plasma exchange more than 5 per year each $42.65
G280 Intrauterine fetal transfusion initial or subsequent $190.65
G282 Venipuncture Umbilical vein catheterization (including obtaining of blood sample) $20.30
G287 LDL apheresis initial and repeat, to a maximum of 5 per year each $83.65
G288 Endomyocardial Biopsy transvascular, right or left $204.00
G289 Fick determination $113.20
G290 LDL apheresis more than 5 per year each $42.65
G296 Dye dilution densitometry and/or thermal dilution studies benefit covers all studies on same day in cath lab $113.20
G297 Angiograms (only two angiograms may be billed one per right heart catheterization and one per left heart catheterization) irrespective of the number of chambers injected $119.90
G298 Coronary angioplasty stent, per stent $80.55
G299 Oximetry studies by catheterization $113.20
G300 Metabolic studies, e.g. coronary sinus lactate and pyruvate determinations $113.20
G301 Exercise studies during catheterization $124.85
G305 Intracardiac phonocardiography $124.85
G306 Isotope studies during cardiac catheterization $113.20
G309 Vascular cannulation Umbilical artery catheterization (including obtaining of blood sample) $46.45
G314 Tilt table testing of vasomotor syncope to include arterial cannulation, provocative and blocking drugs, physician must be continually present $114.25
G366 Testing of arrhythmia inducibility by acute administration of antiarrhythmic or adrenergic drugs to a maximum of 2 per 24 hours $151.50
G480 Venipuncture infant $10.10
G482 Venipuncture child $7.50
G483 Venipuncture Therapeutic venisection $9.90
G489 Venipuncture adolescent or adult $3.61
G509 Bypass graft angiogram maximum one per bypass graft $82.00
Z422 Electrophysiologic pacing, mapping and ablation retrograde aortic left heart catheterization with or without pressure measurement(s) $214.80
Z423 Electrophysiologic Pacing, Mapping and Ablation with the use of an advanced nonfluoroscopic computerized mapping and navigation system ("advanced mapping system") and/or procedure duration >4 hours $704.10
Z424 Electrophysiologic pacing, mapping and ablation transseptal left heart catheterization, with or without pressure measurements, with or without dye injection $303.10
Z431 Repositioning of temporary endocardial electrode $65.55
Z434 Transluminal coronary angioplasty one or more sites on a single major vessel $476.45
Z437 Cardioversion (electrical and/or chemical) maximum of three sessions per patient, per day $94.30
Z438 Venipuncture Insertion of SwanGanz catheter (not included in anaesthetic, respiratory or critical care benefits) $165.75
Z439 Right heart pressures only $170.25
Z440 Left heart retrograde aortic $212.70
Z441 Left heart transeptal $303.10
Z442 Selective coronary catheterization both arteries $292.50
Z443 Insertion of temporary endocardial electrode $157.20
Z446 Venipuncture Insertion of subcutaneous venous access reservoir $171.40
Z447 Venipuncture Insertion of subcutaneous venous access reservoir revision same site $75.55
Z448 Percutaneous angioplasty aortic valve, pulmonic valve, pulmonary branch stenosis $497.70
Z449 Percutaneous angioplasty for coarctation of aorta $423.50
Z456 Venipuncture Insertion of implantable central venous catheter $171.40
Z457 Venipuncture Surgical removal or repair of implanted central venous catheter $49.90
Z459 Vascular cannulation Arterial puncture $10.40
Z459 Arterial puncture $10.20
Z460 Percutaneous angioplasty closure of patent ductus arteriosis with umbrella $385.15
Z461 Percutaneous angioplasty mitral valvuloplasty for rheumatic stenosis $577.60

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