OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Chest Wall And Mediastinum

Code Description Fee
M105 Chest wall tumour, resection of 2 or 3 ribs or cartilages $663.05
M106 Chest wall reconstruction Mediastinal tumour $1,024.20
M107 Chest wall reconstruction Total sternectomy $828.60
M108 Chest wall reconstruction Ligation of thoracic duct as sole procedure $418.70
M109 Chest wall pleura closed (see General Preamble GP12) $418.70
M110 Chest wall pleura open (see General Preamble GP12) $418.70
M111 Thoracoplasty one stage $310.30
M116 Chest wall pleura fixation for trauma $357.05
M117 Chest wall pleura Sternal fixation for trauma $256.50
N284 Chest wall reconstruction Excision of first rib and/or cervical rib to include scalenotomy when required $416.20

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R352 Chest wall pleura Pectus excavatum or carinatum repair (by reconstruction, not implant) $849.05
Z328 Mediastinoscopy with mediastinotomy $485.35
Z329 Mediastinoscopy $387.65
Z330 Mediastinoscopy with bronchoscopy $499.85
Z333 Mediastinoscopy with transbronchial biopsy under image intensification (including bronchoscopy) $323.60
Z347 Anterior mediastinotomy when sole procedure performed $306.05
Z348 Mediastinoscopy with bronchoscopy and mediastinotomy $618.05
Z353 Incisional biopsy of chest wall tumour $113.15
Z354 Excisional biopsy of rib for tumour $145.05
Z357 Thoracic window creation $232.85
Z358 Thoracic window closure $113.45
Z742 Phrenicotomy $108.60

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