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Code Description
J301 Simple spirometry Volume versus Time Study must include Vital capacity, FEV1, FEV1 /FVC, and may include calculation of MMEFR(FEF25 75)
J303 Extra pulmonary airways resistance by plethysmography
J304 Flow volume loop Volume versus Flow Study from which an expiratory limb, and inspiratory limb if indicated, are generated. A flow volume loop may include derivation of FEV1, VC, V50, V25
J305 Lung compliance
J306 Airways resistance by plethysmography or estimated using
J307 Functional residual capacity by body plethysmography method
J308 Carbon dioxide ventilatory response
J310 Carbon monoxide diffusing capacity by single breath method
J311 Functional residual capacity by gas dilution method
J313 Mixed venous PCO2, by the rebreathing method

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J315 Stage i: graded exercise to maximum tolerance
J316 Stage ii: repeated steady state graded exercise(must include
J318 Arterialized venous blood sample collection (e.g. ear lobe)
J319 Blood gas analysis pH, PO2, PCO2, bicarbonate and base excess
J320 Aa oxygen gradient requiring measurement of RQ by sampling mixed expired gas and using alveolar air equation
J322 Standard O2 consumption and CO2 production
J323 Oxygen saturation by oximetry at rest, with or without O2
J324 Repeat J301 after bronchodilator
J327 Repeat J304 after bronchodilator
J330 Assessment of exercise induced asthma (workload sufficient to achieve heart rate 85% of predicted maximum; performance of J301 or J304 before exercise and 510 minutes post exercise)
J331 Estimate of shunt(Qs/Qt) breathing pure oxygen
J332 O2 saturation by oximetry at rest and exercise, or during
J333 Nonspecific bronchial provocation test(histamine)
J334 J332 with at least two levels of supplemental O2
J335 Antigen challenge test
J336 Oxygen saturation with single blind assessment of exercise on room air and with supplemental oxygen
J340 Maximum inspiratory & expiratory pressures
Z459 Vascular cannulation Arterial puncture for blood gas analysis

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