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RBC healthcare advantage

At Dr. Bill, our primary focus is to help you earn more. As part of the RBC® family, we want you to know about some great offerings RBC has available so you can start keeping more of what you earn.

The demands on your time and finances mean you need to be focused on what’s important now. That’s why the RBC Healthcare Advantage program was introduced, to give you support and advice in banking and beyond, to help you succeed today and prepare for tomorrow.

With their team of over 1,100 RBC Healthcare Specialists, they are dedicated to providing support, guidance, and value when it comes to your finances. From securing loans to financial planning, RBC Healthcare Specialists can assist you with your financial needs every step of the way through residency, fellowship, your independent practice.

RBC Healthcare Advantage Plans

RBC Healthcare Advantage*

Best for medical students and residents

  • RBC VIP Banking account fee waiver1
  • RBC Avion credit card fee rebate2
  • Medical Royal Credit Line @ Prime -0.25%3
  • Practice Solutions from our partners

RBC Healthcare Advantage Pro*

Best for new to practice or established physicians

Includes RBC Healthcare Advantage offers, plus:

  • RBC Digital Choice Business Bank account fee waiver4
  • RBC Avion Infinite Business credit card fee rebate5
  • Royal Business OperatingLine® of Credit @ Prime -0.25%6

Ready to Get Started?

Visit RBC.com to learn more about the specialized advice that RBC provides and connect with a specialist to set up a plan.