OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Urology

Code Description Fee
G138 Upper or lower limbs professional component $73.10
G140 Upper or lower limbs technical component $42.40
G192 Video fluoroscopic multichannel urodynamic assessment to include monitoring of intravesicular, intraabdominal, and urethral pressures, with simultaneousfluoroscope imaging and recording of filling and voiding phases including interpretation $75.15
G193 Complete multichannel urodynamic assessment to include monitoring ofintravesicular, intraabdominal, and urethral pressures, with or without pressureflow studies $44.75
G266 Electrophysiological assessment of movement disorders includes multichannel recording of EEG and EMG, rectification, averaging, back averaging, frequency analysis and cross correlation. $284.45
G267 Intraoperative evaluation of movement disorder patient during functional neurosurgery $275.50
G410 Amytal test (Wada)bilateral supervision and coordination of tests $69.75
G413 Electrocorticogram supervision and interpretation $174.30
G414 Routine EEG technical component $25.75
G415 Routine EEG professional component $23.60

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G418 Routine EEG professional component (16 21 channel EEG) $63.75
G419 Tensilon test $21.00
G475 Cystometrogram and/or voiding pressure studies and/or flow rate with or withoutpostural studies and/or urethral pressure profile including interpretation $24.25
G476 Prostatic massage $5.50
G477 Interpretation of comprehensive urodynamic studies (when the procedure is done by paramedical personnel) $5.50
G496 Sleepdeprived/induced EEG professional component $122.40
G540 Technical component per unit $9.55
G541 Sleepdeprived/induced EEG technical component $41.20
G542 Prolonged EEG monitoring Radiotelemetry technical component $24.40
G543 Sleepdeprived/induced EEG Professional component $122.40
G545 Professional component ... per unit $15.00
G546 Prolonged EEG monitoring Radiotelemetry professional component $31.05
G547 Clinical Programming of Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) includes one or more visits for DBS checking, minor and major DBS adjustments, and intensive programming. First implantation site (maximum 1 per patient) $189.45
G548 Electrophysiological assessment of Deep Brain Stimulators includesmeasuring electrode impedance, recording EEG and EMG, rectification, averaging, frequency analysis and cross correlation. $284.45
G551 Katzman test (subarachnoid infusion test) including lumbar puncture $174.30
G554 Ambulatory EEG monitoring technical component $48.90
G555 Ambulatory EEG monitoring professional component $48.70
G900 Residual urine measurement by ultrasound $12.95
Z804 Lumbar puncture $75.85
Z805 Lumbar punct. w/ install. of med $88.10

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