OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Miscellaneous Procedures

Code Description Fee
J001 Arthrogram, tenogram or bursogram $30.15
J002 Bronchogram unilateral $27.55
J003 Bronchogram with intratracheal catheter unilateral $69.35
J004 Intramammary needling for localization under mammographic control $71.75
J005 Dacrocystogram $46.30
J006 Discogram one disc $107.40
J007 Tomogram
J008 Hysterosalpingogram $57.85
J009 Laryngogram $34.15
J010 Lymphangiogram per side $107.40

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J011 Myelogram $95.30
J012 Nephrotomogram
J013 Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram $107.40
J018 Sialogram $46.30
J024 Bronchial brushing unilateral $91.70
J028 Urethrogram and/or urethrocystogram and/or or intestinal conduit examination, cystogram $30.15
J029 Vasogram $61.15
J036 Fistula or sinus injection $27.50
J037 Mammary ductography $71.75
J039 Renal cyst puncture $124.40
J041 Percutaneous removal of intravascular and intraureteric foreign bodies $301.20
J042 Bronchogram with intratracheal catheter bilateral $83.85
J043 Bronchogram bilateral $41.45
J044 Bronchial brushing bilateral $137.70
J045 Percutaneous antegrade pyelogram $124.55
J049 Embolization of spinal arteriovenous malformation percutaneous $446.10
J050 Carotid or vertebral artery occlusion by detachable balloon percutaneous $303.30
J051 Percutaneous spinal cord puncture for syringogram $96.50
J052 Positive contrast cisternogram $101.90
J053 Cavernosography $46.25
J055 Percutaneous gastrostomy $228.25
J057 Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) $803.20
J059 Nonvascular stenting $103.60
J060 Nephrostogram $30.15
J061 Percutaneous cecostomy $228.25
J062 Percutaneous cholecystostomy $228.25
J063 Percutaneous jejunostomy $264.75
J064 Exchange of drainage tubes, including supervision, imaging and hard copy film interpretation if any $74.10
J065 Dilation of nonvascular structures $20.90
J068 Hydrostatic/pneumatic reduction of intussusception $45.15
J069 Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation using CT or ultrasound guidance $526.05
Z597 Intracavitary/intratumoural injections $91.90

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