OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Oral Cavity And Pharynx

Code Description Fee
S002 Excision of parapharyngeal space lesions (with mobilization of parotid gland) $925.30
s003 Lesion 2 to 4 cms, inclusive $361.65
s004 Ranula $169.15
S005 Composite resection of lesion of oral cavity and/or oropharynx with partial resection of mandible $1,051.40
s006 Lesion over 4 cms $439.80
S007 Extended composite resection of lesion of oral cavity and oropharynx with partial resection of mandible and resection of maxilla $1,080.75
S018 Glossectomy partial $201.40
S020 Glossoplasty $201.40
S021 Extraction of tooth (complete care) Repair of extensive laceration (see General Preamble GP12) $201.40
S023 Extraction of tooth (complete care) single $25.40

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S024 Excision of torus palatinus $201.40
S028 Dentigerous cyst $100.80
S030 Closure of fistula anterior alveolar $201.40
S031 Palatal fenestration $201.50
S032 Bone graft to palate $342.40
S033 Closure of fistula palate $287.60
S034 Cleft palate repair $376.65
S035 Removal of sutures under general anaesthesia $42.10
S036 Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (includes tonsillectomy) $244.55
S050 Cryotherapy for treatment of premalignant or malignant lesions of oral cavity or sinuses $151.60
S058 Branchial cleft lesion $313.00
S059 Branchial repeat procedure $444.05
S061 Thyroglossal duct remnant $347.00
S062 Thyroglossal duct remnant repeat procedure $418.65
S063 Tonsillectomy and may include adenoidectomy $181.95
S065 Adenoidectomy $103.30
S066 Secondary suture or cauterization following tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy when haemorrhage occurs after initial procedure $123.50
S067 Partial pharyngectomy transthyroid or lateral $1,037.65
S068 Pharyngolaryngectomy $1,178.65
S069 Pharyngoplasty $367.70
S900 Basic units for anaesthesia with any unlisted dental surgical procedure performed by dental or oral surgeon
Z111 Tongue tie, release of simple $15.65
Z112 Tongue tie, release of complex or requiring general anaesthetic $51.90
Z501 Biopsy $36.20
Z502 Lesion less than 2 cms $72.45
Z506 Drainage of oral abscess or haematoma $51.90
Z510 Drainage of pharyngeal abscess or haematoma $92.95
Z524 Drainage of haematoma or deep neck abscess (external approach) $276.50
Z537 Biopsy requiring general anaesthetic $99.00

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