OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Allergy

Code Description Fee
G190 Serial oral or parenteral provocation testing to a food, drug or other substance when the service is rendered in a hospital, when an anaphylactic reaction is considered likely based on a documented history and the service is performed under direct and $188.65
G195 Local anaesthetic hypersensitivity skin test, maximum of 2 per patient per physician per 12 month period $17.35
G196 Hypersensitivity skin test for validated drugs or agents excluding foods and inhalants, maximum of 3 per patient per physician per 12 month period $17.35
G197 Skin testing professional component, to a maximum of 50 per year per test $0.21
G198 Patch test for industrial or occupational dermatoses, to a maximum of 125 per patient, per year per test $2.44
G199 Venom allergy testing, maximum of 2 per patient per physician per 12 month period $40.80
G201 Direct nasal tests, to a maximum of 3 per year per test $1.63
G202 Hyposensitisation each injection $4.55
G203 Ophthalmic tests direct, to maximum of 3 per year per test $1.63
G204 Ophthalmic tests quantitative $12.65

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G205 Insect venom desensitisation (immunotherapy) per injection (maximum of 5 per day). In addition to G205, after the initial major assessment only, a minor or partial assessment may be claimed once per day if rendered $13.40
G206 Patch test maximum of 90 per patient, per year per test $2.44
G207 Bronchial provocative testing per session, to a maximum of 6 per year $14.45
G208 Provocation testing per unit $17.20
G209 Skin testing technical component, to a maximum of 50 per year per test $0.72
G212 Hyposensitisation when sole reason for visit (including first injection) $9.95
G213 Physical urticaria challenges $14.10

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