OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Heart And Pericardium

Code Description Fee
M134 Thoracotomy for postoperative haemorrhage or empyema $398.50
M137 Thoracotomy with or without biopsy $398.50
M157 Donor Heart Lung removal $924.65
R429 Excision Baker's cyst Meniscectomy $246.15
R660 Burn debridement and excision outside Operating Room hand each digit $29.50
R700 With hypothermia and without bypass basic fee for cardiovascular procedures
R701 Ventricular assist devices univentricular $736.10
R702 Ventricular assist devices biventricular $1,361.65
R703 Ventricular assist devices paracorporeal $1,472.05
R704 Ventricular assist devices implantable $2,206.85

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R705 Ventricular assist devices removal of ventricular assist device $518.75
R706 Cardiotomy Right and left atrial ablative procedure for treatment of atrial arrhythmia surgical procedure or performed with an energy source $1,270.90
R709 Cardiotomy Left atrial ablative procedure for surgical treatment of atrial arrhythmia (either CoxMaze procedure or performed using an energy source) $794.30
R710 Cardiotomy Resection/ablation for ventricular tachycardia (to include cardiotomy, mapping with or without HIS bundle) $1,134.50
R711 Cardiotomy Division of accessory conduction pathway (to include cardiotomy, mapping with or without HIS bundle) $756.45
R712 Cardiotomy with exploration $536.30
R713 Cardiotomy with removal of foreign body $648.20
R714 Cardiotomy with removal of tumour $536.30
R715 Closure of atrial septal defect secundum $771.00
R716 Closure of atrial septal defect endocardial cushion and valve defect $1,147.30
R717 Closure of atrial septal defect with anamalous pulmonary venous drainage $967.80
R718 Closure of atrial septal defect Closure of ventricular septal defect $967.80
R720 Total repair Tetralogy of Fallot with or without previous arterial shunt $1,310.85
R721 Arterial repair of transposition $1,774.15
R722 Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage $1,175.45
R723 Total correction transposition of great vessels $1,175.45
R741 Excision Coronary artery endarterectomy and/or gas endarterectomy $745.40
R742 Coronary artery repair one $913.55
R743 Coronary artery repair two $1,303.80
R746 Excision Ventricular tumour $881.90
R747 Excision Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva $799.30
R748 Pericardiectomy one side open $648.20
R749 Pericardiectomy both sides open or sternal split $1,021.55
R750 Thoracotomy Open biopsy of pericardium and drainage (transthoracic or epigastric) $324.25
R751 Implantation of epicardial electrode(s) plus implantation of pack $474.35
R752 Atrioventricular sequential pacemaker with permanent atrial and ventricular endocardial electrodes $463.70
R753 Implantation of cardioverter (CD) defibrillator by thoracotomy $734.80
R754 Ligation or division patent ductus infant or child $536.30
R755 Ligation or division patent ductus adolescent or adult $745.40
R756 Resection coarctation child $771.00
R757 Resection coarctation infant $801.70
R758 Resection coarctation adolescent or adult $1,004.70
R759 Congenital heart procedures e. g. Blalock, Glenn, Potts, Waterston or Central $789.90
R761 Implantation of cardioverter (CD) defibrillator by transvenous approach $599.15
R762 Creation of ASD by thoracotomy or Sterling Edwards $771.00
R763 Creation of ASD by balloon septostomy $324.25
R768 Pulmonary artery banding $641.60
R769 Pulmonary artery banding with pressure studies by anaesthetist, extra/hour
R770 Correction of cor triatriatum $903.40
R771 Vascular ring $771.00
R857 Interruption of bronchial collateral arteries (one or more arteries) as sole procedure $745.40
R870 Orthotopic cardiac transplantation $1,472.05
R872 Donor cardiectomy $491.10
R874 Cardiopulmonary transplantation $2,616.85
R920 Excision Ventricular tumour $726.45
R921 Complete AV canal $1,510.15
R922 Single ventricle $1,721.40
R923 Double outletright/left ventricle $1,547.20
R924 Double outlet ventricle with transposition $1,763.65
R925 Truncus arteriosus $1,753.10
R926 Interrupted aortic arch $1,547.20
R927 Aortopulmonary window $979.70
R928 RV outflow tract with valve and tubular graft $1,085.95
R929 Debanding arterioplasty of pulmonary artery $962.40
Z401 Thoracotomy Aspiration of pericardium $134.35
Z412 Replacement or repair of pacemaker lead $113.00
Z414 Thoracotomy Injection of pericardial sclerosing agents $23.55
Z415 Removal and/or replacement of implantable cardioverter defibrillator $346.25
Z428 Pacemaker lead extraction, including the use of extraction sheathes, with or without laser or similar technology $610.55
Z433 Replacement of pacemaker pack (single or multiple leads) $149.40
Z435 Insertion of permanent endocardial electrode(s) $157.20
Z436 Exposure of vein and implantation of pack $169.90
Z444 Insertion of permanent endocardial electrode and implantation of pack, includes insertion of temporary transvenous lead at same surgical procedure by same surgeon $330.25
Z445 Repositioning of permanent endocardial electrode (as separate procedure) $330.25
Z465 Percutaneous transluminal catheter assisted closure for Secundum arterial septal defect device closure of a single defect $202.55
Z466 Percutaneous transluminal catheter assisted closure for Secundum arterial septal defect device closure of two or more defects $354.45
Z743 Circulatory assist device e.g. intraaortic balloon open $314.00
Z744 Decannulation of circulatory assist device open $125.50
Z751 Repositioning of intraaortic balloon pump open $130.50
Z759 Removal of failed vascular graft without arterial reconstruction when sole procedure $193.35
Z780 Circulatory assist device e.g. intraaortic balloon percutaneous $224.20
Z781 Decannulation of circulatory assist device percutaneous $39.80
Z782 Repositioning of intraaortic balloon pump percutaneous $84.20
Z788 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) includes cannulating and decannulating, by any method, heart, vein and/or artery and repair of vessels if rendered $373.85

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