OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Hand And Wrist

Code Description Fee
D001 Fractures Dislocations Finger closed reduction $58.65
D003 Fractures Dislocations Finger open reduction $200.45
D004 Fractures Dislocations Metacarpal/phalangeal closed reduction $58.65
D006 Fractures Dislocations Metacarpal/phalangeal open reduction $185.50
D007 Fractures Carpal closed reduction $130.60
D008 Fractures Carpal open reduction $246.15
F004 Fractures Phalanx no reduction, rigid immobilization $50.20
F005 Fractures Phalanx closed reduction $101.25
F006 Fractures Intraarticular closed reduction $122.15
F007 Fractures Phalanx open reduction $304.45

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F008 Fractures Metacarpal no reduction, one or more, rigid immobilization $50.20
F009 Fractures Metacarpal closed reduction $101.25
F010 Fractures Intraarticular open reduction $342.55
F011 Fractures Metacarpal open reduction $267.90
F012 Fractures Bennett's no reduction, rigid immobilization $50.20
F013 Fractures Bennett's closed reduction $122.20
F015 Fractures Bennett's open reduction $342.55
F016 Fractures Carpus closed reduction, one or more $117.40
F017 Fractures Carpus open reduction, one or more $353.10
F018 Fractures Scaphoid no reduction, rigid immobilization $50.20
F019 Fractures Scaphoid open reduction $489.65
F020 Fractures Scaphoid excision $196.90
F102 Fractures Carpus no reduction, rigid immobilization $50.20
N285 Exploration and/or decompression and/or transposition and/or neurolysis of major nerve (excluding carpal tunnel nerve) $261.30
R209 Basal thumb first carpometacarpal joint $370.35
R217 Phalanx/metacarpal/carpus saucerization and bone graft $247.10
R218 Phalanx/metacarpal/carpus sequestrectomy $147.70
R219 Phalanx/metacarpal/carpus incision and drainage $186.60
R236 Carpal replacement $328.50
R257 Bone Deformity Osteotomy phalanx terminal $165.90
R258 Bone Deformity Osteotomy phalanx middle proximal or metacarpal $197.10
R272 Bone Bone tumour (see General Preamble GP12) $872.35
R283 Bone Phalanx/metacarpal $196.90
R285 Bone Carpal bone (one) $218.75
R286 Bone Radial styloid $239.45
R316 Bone Proximal row carpectomy $345.55
R317 Bone Dorsal exostosis (triquetrum) $193.55
R321 Bone Pseudoarthrosis/nonunion/avascular necrosis Phalanx, metacarpal $266.00
R322 Bone Pseudoarthrosis/nonunion/avascular necrosis Scaphoid $600.00
R345 Bone Pseudoarthrosis/nonunion/avascular necrosis Carpal bone, other than scaphoid $266.00
R407 Joint Synovectomy of extensor or flexor tendons $228.95
R409 Finger $171.40
R409 Finger $171.40
R409 Finger $171.40
R410 Wrist $216.75
R410 Wrist $216.75
R410 Wrist $216.75
R414 Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debridement two or more joints $346.50
R418 Joint Synovectomy/debridement wrist $349.45
R425 Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debridement finger joint $230.95
R435 Hand interposition single $259.45
R436 Hand interposition multiple $468.65
R437 Wrist interposition $381.50
R465 Fingerthumb $327.75
R466 Wrist $471.05
R479 Wrist removal only $196.90
R485 Wrist total $681.15
R489 Single joint total (arthrodesis and/or arthroplasties) maximum of 4 $296.40
R492 Joint Radioulnar meniscectomy $235.75
R500 Removal only $147.70
R522 Muscle simple $196.90
R523 Muscle complex $494.10
R534 Phalanx/metacarpal/carpus Tendon sheath $229.50
R536 Tendon release (open) finger/palm $159.65
R541 Flexor tenolysis with pulley preservation $315.20
R548 Ligaments Extensive/multiple repair wrist $521.75
R549 Soft tissue Ganglion Simple or complex $181.35
R551 Soft tissue Excision of fascia for Dupuytrens (palmar fibromatosis), single ray, with or without flaps $328.65
R554 Tendon Silicone rod insertion one $300.10
R557 Tendon Tenoplasty one $228.15
R559 Tendon Tendon graft one $312.45
R563 Tendon Transplant/transfer single $290.70
R573 Tendon Mallet finger open $150.15
R574 Tendon Mallet finger Kwire $136.65
R575 Tendon Tenolysis flexor and/or extensor tendon of one digit $197.95
R577 Tendon Boutonniere open $150.25
R578 Tendon Tendon repair extensor single $167.40
R582 Tendon Boutonniere late $251.60
R585 Tendon Flexor single $313.80
R586 Tendon Tendon graft Reconstruction of flexor tendon pulley, per finger $99.30
R592 Tumours Soft tissues deep $494.10
R597 Ligaments Simple/single repair wrist $307.65
R601 Ligaments Metacarpal phalangeal repair $323.10
R602 Extremities Pollicization $608.35
R603 Extremities Digital reimplantation involving microvascular and neuro anastomosis $1,618.10
R604 Extremities Revision of R602, R603 (see General Preamble GP12) $1,618.10
R605 Extremities Reconstruction and plastic repair of traumatically amputated extremities (see General Preamble GP12) $1,618.10
R606 Phalanx $164.70
R608 Metacarpal or metaphalangeal joint $194.00
R610 Trans. metacarpal 2nd to 5th ray $284.95
R611 Hand all 'metacarpals $295.30
R612 Wrist $295.30
R629 Revision of amputated finger tip $246.40
R637 Debridement and excision, per % of total body treated other than hand, head or neck $30.25
R682 Wrist arthroscopy setup $408.05
Z214 Bone open biopsy or taking of bone graft by other than operating surgeon $147.70
Z219 Muscle needle biopsy, soft tissue, per site $31.85
Z221 Joint needle $50.20
Z222 Manipulation under general anaesthetic $24.60
Z228 Soft tissue open $99.30
Z230 Bone punch, xray control $91.50
Z231 Tenotomy or fasciotomy (closed) Finger three or more $75.20
Z247 Tenotomy or fasciotomy (closed) Finger one $50.20
Z248 Tenotomy or fasciotomy (closed) Finger two $73.80
Z249 Tenotomy or fasciotomy (closed) Finger three or more $101.15
Z290 Aspiration/injectionhip infant $65.25

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