OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Foot And Ankle

Code Description Fee
D026 Dislocations Tarsus Tarsometatarsal closed reduction, one or more joints $150.55
D027 Dislocations Interphalangeal closed reduction $58.65
D028 Dislocations Tarsus Tarsometatarsal open reduction, one joint $396.00
D029 Dislocations Interphalangeal open reduction $154.30
D030 Dislocations Metatarsophalangeal closed reduction $58.65
D032 Dislocations Metatarsophalangeal open reduction $166.65
D033 Dislocations Tarsus closed reduction $150.55
D034 Dislocations Tarsus open reduction $257.50
D035 Dislocations Ankle closed reduction $113.60
D036 Dislocations Ankle open reduction $257.50

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F056 Fractures Phalanx no reduction rigid immobilization $50.20
F057 Fractures Intraarticular fracture I.P. Joint closed reduction $79.50
F058 Fractures Phalanx closed reduction one $73.80
F059 Fractures Intraarticular fracture I.P. Joint open reduction $147.70
F060 Fractures Phalanx open reduction $175.75
F061 Fractures Metatarsus one or more $50.20
F063 Fractures closed reduction one or more $100.35
F064 Fractures open reduction one $181.80
F065 Fractures open reduction two or more $254.65
F066 Fractures Tarsus excluding os calcis no reduction rigid immobilization $100.05
F067 Fractures Tarsus excluding os calcis closed reduction $168.50
F068 Fractures Tarsus excluding os calcis open reduction $242.25
F070 Fractures Os calcis no reduction rigid immobilization $99.30
F071 Fractures Os calcis closed reduction $164.70
F072 Fractures open reduction with repair of both the subtalar and calcaneocuboid joints $600.00
F074 Fractures Ankle no reduction rigid immobilization $69.10
F075 Fractures Ankle closed reduction $147.70
F076 Fractures open reduction one malleolus $289.50
F077 Fractures open reduction multiple malleoli or ligaments $534.00
F104 Fractures Ankle fracture with tibial Plafond burst closed reduction $247.10
F108 Fractures Ankle fracture with tibial Plafond burst openreduction $628.55
R201 Sequestrectomy $196.90
R202 Saucerization and bone graft $394.80
R220 Bone $231.95
R259 Bone Deformity Osteotomy ulna $303.85
R266 Bone Tumour (foot) $246.15
R276 Deformity Osteotomy metatarsals and phalanx $147.70
R277 Deformity Osteotomy midtarsal/tarsal $247.10
R282 Bone Exostosis (dorsal, subungual) $102.15
R299 Bone Phalanx $129.70
R301 Bone Sesamoid, one or both $144.85
R302 Bone Bunion/bunionette $153.30
R304 Forefoot Hallux Valgus e.g. Mayo, Keller $221.50
R305 Bone Metatarsal head Accessory navicular (scaphoid) $159.05
R306 Bone Tarsal bar $234.85
R307 Bone Calcaneal spur $142.05
R308 Bone Os calcis, talus $289.65
R309 Bone Metatarsal head $179.00
R313 Club Foot Complex reconstruction or revision of previous club foot repair (not to include simple tendon releases) $478.05
R321 Bone Pseudoarthrosis/nonunion/avascular necrosis Phalanx, metacarpal $266.00
R337 Deformity Shortening metatarsal one $230.05
R338 Deformity Shortening metatarsal two or more $278.30
R355 Forefoot Hallux Valgus e.g. Joplin, McBride $272.60
R360 Forefoot Hallux Valgus Major forefoot reconstruction, must include the first MP joint and a minimum of 2 other MP joints $468.70
R402 Dislocations Ankle recurrent dislocation and/or subluxation $374.85
R408 Club Foot Posterior or medial release $319.00
R409 Finger $171.40
R414 Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debridement two or more joints $346.50
R420 Joint Ankle synovectomy $279.25
R425 Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debridement finger joint $230.95
R430 Forefoot Claw and hammer toe $154.30
R446 Forefoot Hallux Valgus Overlapping 5th toe $139.10
R448 Club Foot Posteromedial release, lateral shortening, tendon transfers and fusion $378.65
R453 Metatarsophalyngeal (Swansons, etc.) $295.30
R454 Metatarsophalyngeal (Swansons, etc.) multiple $394.80
R456 Metatarsophalyngeal interposition single $147.70
R466 Wrist $471.05
R471 Interphalangeal $154.90
R475 Pantalar, one stage $795.15
R477 Metatarsophalangeal $308.70
R479 Wrist removal only $196.90
R493 Ankle total replacement $1,201.15
R500 Removal only $147.70
R503 Ankle removal of loose body, etc. $170.45
R503 Ankle removal of loose body, etc. $170.45
R504 Ankle Midtarsals $147.70
R505 Ankle Metatarsal/phalangeal $147.70
R506 Excision Prepatellar bursae $152.45
R522 Muscle simple $196.90
R523 Muscle complex $494.10
R544 Tendons Achilles or tibialis anterior/posterior tenotomy open $175.15
R546 Club Foot Plantar fascia release (Steindler) $168.50
R548 Ligaments Extensive/multiple repair wrist $521.75
R549 Soft tissue Ganglion Simple or complex $181.35
R552 Ankle revision of arthrodesis $516.85
R555 Tendons Achilles or tibialis anterior/posterior tenotomy closed $135.35
R557 Tendon Tenoplasty one $228.15
R560 Tendons Tendon transfer foot and ankle Graft $258.40
R565 Tendons Tendon transfer foot and ankle single $258.40
R572 Tendons Tendon transfer foot and ankle Tenodesis $264.10
R576 Soft Tissue Excision of fascia for Dupuytrens (planter fibromatosis), one or more rays $328.65
R578 Tendon Tendon repair extensor single $167.40
R579 Tendons Tenotomy open one toe $88.95
R581 Tendons Tenotomy open more than one toe $196.90
R585 Tendon Flexor single $313.80
R587 Muscles/tendons Quadriceps repair reconstructive $394.80
R589 Muscles/soft tissues Tendon repair or release biceps $231.95
R597 Ligaments Simple/single repair wrist $307.65
R619 Terminal Symes $147.70
R620 Metatarsal/phalanx disarticulation $159.05
R621 Ray (single) $221.50
R622 Transmetatarsal/transtarsal $240.50
R623 Symes $291.55
R640 Tendons Exploration tendon sheath $128.80
R688 Ankle arthroscopy setup, includes when rendered debridement, synovectomy, removal of loose body(ies) and/or screw, drilling of defect or microfracture and/or synovial biopsy $408.05
R689 Excision of Os Trigonum (sole procedure) $234.60
R694 Ankle liner replacement $360.35
R695 Subtalar $612.00
R696 Midtarsal, single joint $510.05
R697 Metatarsaltarsal (fusion of one or more joints) $306.05
R977 Deformity Shortening metatarsal Circular external fixation without osteotomy* $595.50
R978 Deformity Shortening metatarsal Circular external fixation with osteotomy* $744.10
R979 Deformity Shortening metatarsal Circular external fixation with multiple osteotomies* $929.60
Z219 Muscle needle biopsy, soft tissue, per site $31.85
Z222 Manipulation under general anaesthetic $24.60
Z224 Club foot, etc. manipulation and cast/strapping with anaesthetic $39.80
Z226 Soft tissue or bursa, incision and drainage $99.30
Z228 Soft tissue open $99.30
Z228 Soft tissue open $99.30
Z229 Tendons Tenotomy closed one toe $50.20
Z235 Club foot, etc. manipulation and cast/strapping without anaesthetic $19.85
Z242 Bone open $196.90
Z243 Tendons Tenotomy closed more than one toe $99.30
Z869 Bone punch, simple $49.45
Z870 Bone punch, xray control $123.15

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