New to OHIP Billing? 5 Tips & Free Resources

The Dr. Bill Team
Jun. 29, 2017
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Whether you’re new to practice and just starting to bill, or you’re simply new to Ontario and haven’t billed OHIP before, here’s a quick checklist of key items to get done before starting:

  1. Get a billing number
    In order for you to submit claims for reimbursement from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), you first need to register and receive an OHIP billing number.

  2. Register for GO Secure and MCEDT
    Completing these two steps will create an online account for you that will allow you to submit claims electronically to OHIP for reimbursement.
    GO Secure

  3. Learn how the OHIP claims submissions process works
    From what’s required to processing times, learn more about what happens behind the scenes with your fee-for-service billings. 
    Learn more
  4. Get familiar with the billing codes for your speciality
    Claims have to be submitted with the appropriate “Fee Schedule Code”. To make things easier for you we’ve created a searchable database of OHIP fee codes.
  5. Determine how you’re going to bill
    How will you submit your claims to OHIP? Will you have someone else do your billing for you, or will you manage it yourself to try to maximize your billings? We offer a software platform that makes OHIP billing simple. 
    Learn more

If you have any questions, our team of OHIP billing specialists are available to help you get started off on the right foot. Simply contact us.



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