A Family Doctor’s Guide: What You Need to Know About Billing in Ontario

Family Physician billing can be complicated and time-consuming. To make your job easier we’ve put together the complete Family Physician Guide to Billing in Ontario. Our guide covers:

  • Family Physician Salaries
  • Different Types of Billing
  • Remittance and Claim Reports
  • Consultations vs. Assessments
  • OHIP Premiums
  • Virtual Care
  • ... and more!

What you'll learn

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Becoming a doctor is a huge investment in your future. Due to the cost and duration of medical school, doctors tend to start their careers later in life, and typically graduate with a significant amount of debt. Since both of these factors can impact your financial situation later in life, many medical school residents find themselves wondering the best way to plan for life after graduation. Should you save money for your retirement, or focus on paying down your medical school debt? Before you decide on a plan, here are some things to keep in mind:

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