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Jun. 15, 2021
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Starting your independent practice can be overwhelming. Suddenly you’re in charge of a ton of administrative responsibilities you never had to deal with before. While residency programs have prepared you well for your interaction and treatment of patients, it falls short on important admin duties like billing.

Submitting claims for reimbursement is not only necessary (of course you want to get paid) but knowing how to properly submit claims and handle errors will help save time and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The average physician in Canada fails to bill for at least 5% of the insured services they provide – this translates to roughly $24,000 per year (or $480,000 over 20 years)!

Even if you forget to bill for one $30 patient visit daily over the course of a year (and worked 220 days of the year) you’d be missing out on $6,600.

These amounts may be similar to your RRSP contributions over the same period of time!

To help improve the learning curve we’ve put together a 3-month trial (completely free) where new physicians can use our billing platform and get help from billing agents.


Bill on the go and get paid on time

You can quickly add a patient and create a claim with only a few taps. You’ll be able to bill right on your smartphone or save it for the end of your day. Have peace of mind knowing that any mistakes you make our billing agents will correct in the background – ensuring you’re getting paid for all the hard work you do.

Not sure how to bill or where to start? Don’t worry, once you sign up we’ll help you get set up and send you some courses on how to bill. Our billing agents are always here to help and can walk you through anything – let them do the heavy-lifting for you.


Unique Opportunity: 3-month FREE unlimited access

For a limited time, as a new physician, you can get 3 months UNLIMITED access to the Full-Serve plan absolutely FREE.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Full access to our easy-to-use mobile and web apps
  • Bill on the go from your smartphone
  • Billing experts handle ALL your rejections (and all your questions)!


“I don’t know if there is any other service that’s comparable, where you can do your own billings with help behind the scenes and at this cost. It’s quite transparent, unlike having someone else do your billings.”

Dr. Allison Bingham


Dr. Bill App Preview

The Simplicity of Dr. Bill saves time and allows you to focus on patient care. It’s an easy introduction to billing and allows you to bill anytime – anywhere with the help of our billing agents.

With an intuitive interface you can capture patient data instantly using your phone’s camera, save commonly used billing codes, add premiums in just a few taps and get detailed reports.









Word of Wisdom from other physicians

We interviewed a handful of new doctors, each who have 1-5 years of practice experience, and asked them what they were the least prepared for.

Keep their answers in mind as you embark on this new journey and begin managing your own time. 

What were you least prepared for?

The financial and practice-building aspects of work remains the most opaque. Residency programs prepare physicians well for content and decision-making, but billing, as well as designing and managing a practice, remain poorly taught and rarely discussed.

Michael J Diamant – Internal Medicine


I found billing to be slightly confusing at the beginning and can leave a lot of money on the table. I found that having a mentor is helpful. Find tutorials that may be helpful.

Amy Chen – General Practitioner

“Independent practice remains a self-directed learning experience. Re-evaluating your own decisions, documentation, workflow, billings, and patient communication remains central to continued growth as a physician.”
Michael J Diamant – Internal Medicine

“Stay on top of your paperwork and billing. Set your work schedule up to work for you. Find people that you like to work with.”
Amy Chen – General Practitioner


Have questions? Let us help. You can contact us for more information on this limited-time offer.






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