Medical Business Account with RBC

RBC business accounts are designed to support both your day-to-day needs and long-term goals. Whether you’re new to practice or an established physician, we’ve got the account to support your business.

Get a $100 billing credit on your Dr. Bill account when you open a new RBC business bank account2

Separate Your Work Life from the Rest of Your Life

Dr.Bill can deposit your claim payments directly into your RBC business bank account, keeping your business and personal banking separated.

Get Your $100 Credit in Three Easy Steps

Step 1 1

Open a new RBC business bank account

Step 2 2

Let us know you’ve opened your account

Sign in to your Dr. Bill account, then from your dashboard click “Claim your Credit”

Step 3 3

Receive your credit

Your credit will appear 7–10 business days upon verifying your RBC account


What RBC business bank account is right for me?
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Click here to learn more about RBC’s business deposit account offerings. If you’re still not sure which account is right for you, call the RBC Advice Centre at 1-800-769-2520 to discuss your options.

What is a “Billing Credit”? What can it be used for?
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The $100 Dr. Bill billing credit will automatically be applied to your future Dr. Bill invoices. On a Full Serve plan, this is the equivalent of approximately $5,000 in paid claims!

Do I need to go into a branch to open an account?
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If you are a one-person business, you can open an account online. You will have to later go into a branch to verify your identity to fully complete the account open.

If you are a listed director and/or business owner, you must open your account in-person at a branch.

I’ve signed up for an RBC business bank account, but haven’t received my billing credit.
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First, you must click “Claim your Credit” and provide us with the name, business name, email address and phone number associated with your RBC account. Once we are able to verify the successful creation of your account with RBC, the Dr. Bill billing credit will be applied within 7-10 business days. Have questions? Email us at and our Customer Success team will get in touch.

Am I eligible to receive the $100 Dr. Bill billing credit if I already have an existing RBC business bank account?
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No, to be eligible for the $100 Dr. Bill billing credit you must open a new RBC business deposit account while this offer is active. To qualify for this Offer, your account must remain open for a period of 1 year from the date it is opened but there is no minimum balance that must be maintained in your account. If you received this Offer then change or close your account within 1 year of the date it was opened, we reserve the right to debit from your account an amount equal to the value of this Offer (inclusive of applicable taxes), even if this places the account into overdraft.

Am I eligible to receive the $100 Dr. Bill billing credit if I open a personal account at RBC?
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No, to be eligible for the $100 Dr. Bill billing credit you must open an RBC business deposit account. Eligible accounts can be found here.