Alberta Fee Code Changes – Gastroenterology and Plastic Surgery

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Nov. 9, 2018
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AHCIP has updated and released a new “Schedule of Medical Benefits,” effective as of November 1, 2018. The following guide is a quick reference to new changes that affect physicians who specialize in gastroenterology or plastic surgery.

Please note that the new Alberta fee codes are automatically available on Dr. Bill, they will appear on any claim with a ‘Date of Service’, on or after November 1st. If the ‘Date of Service’ is set before November 1st, it will show the old code along with its expiry date.

Any claims that are have already been submitted to AHCIP with the old fees but after November 1st, will come back as adjustments and our billing team will automatically handle them for you.

Click here for changes affecting all Alberta physicians.

Note: all new changes are marked with ***


Fee Code Description
03.08I ***Addition of skill CARD, CLIM, and MDON descriptions in the list of eligible providers.
Prolonged ***cardiology, ***clinical immunology, endocrinology/ metabolism, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, nephrology, physiatry, ***medical oncology, neurology, respiratory medicine or rheumatology consultation or visit, full 15 minutes or major portion thereof for the first call when only one call is claimed.

Plastic Surgery

Fee Code Description
***89.0 B ***Reconstruction of sternum using plates and screws.
May not be claimed for closure of sternum for routine cardiac procedures.
96.02A Amputation and disarticulation of thumb, ***distal to MP joint
Amending the wording to distinguish this service from HSC 96.02B.
97.43 Unilateral augmentation mammoplasty by implant or graft ***prosthesis.
97.95 Insertion of tissue expander ***for breast reconstruction. NOTE: Bilateral procedures may be claimed using 2 calls.
97.96 Removal of breast tissue expander ***for breast reconstruction. NOTE: 1. When removal is the only procedure performed and not part of another procedure. ***2. Bilateral procedures may be claimed using 2 calls.
98.49G Functional split thickness skin graft over 64 ***and to 100 total square cms. ***Amending the wording to distinguish this service from HSC 98.49N.

Please refer to the Schedule of Medical Benefits for complete details.

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