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Specialty: Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures

Category: Valves

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Code Description Fee

Complete Study - 1 and 2 dimensions

G571 Professional component $96.20
G570 Technical component $118.95

COVID-19 Immunization

G593 COVID-19 vaccine $13.00


R737 Aortic infundibular resection (ventriculomyotomy) $869.70
R738 Aortic valve replacement $1,049.20
R736 Aortic valvotomy $707.85
R734 Mitral annuloplasty $789.60
R735 Mitral replacement $1,200.00
R930 Mitral valve reconstruction - Aortic valvoloplasty $837.70
R774 Mitral valve reconstruction - complex (includes annuloplasty and repair of both the anterior and posterior leaflets) $2,058.20

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R773 Mitral valve reconstruction - simple (includes annuloplasty) $1,648.25
R733 Mitral valvoplasty $963.40
R729 Mitral valvotomy $717.25
R730 Mitral valvotomy restenosis $798.80
R772 Pulmonary valve replacement $758.80
R724 Pulmonary valvotomy $663.10
R725 Pulmonary valvotomy and infundibular resection $758.80
R863 Replacement of aortic valve, replacement of ascending aorta, $2,070.60
R727 Tricuspid annuloplasty $678.80
R728 Tricuspid valve replacement $777.40
R726 Tricuspid valvotomy $778.25
R731 Tricuspid valvuloplasty $770.55
R876 Valve sparing aortic root replacement or remodelling $2,144.95

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