The Better Billing Newsletter – January (Ontario) Issue: Special Visit Premiums

The Dr. Bill Team
Jan. 21, 2019
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In case you missed it, here’s the January issue (08/01/19) of the Better Billing Newsletter, a bi-monthly bulletin where you’ll find billing tips, tutorials, new feature releases, and important updates. Short and sweet, so you can bill better and stay up-to date; all while having your morning coffee.

Below are a couple of items you might find interesting this month. Happy Billing!

Billing Tip: Special Visit Premiums

Remember to use the prefix consult and visit fees when using special visit codes, and not C prefix codes. C prefix codes are for non-urgent Inpatient visits and therefore no special visits apply. Our billing agents see this error ALL the time, especially in the new year!

Keep in mind when you enter a billing code we’ll automatically display certain premiums that may apply. You want to get paid properly for your services and premiums are a great way to maximize certain fee codes, so make sure you’re adding everything you can. Watch the video below to see exactly how premiums are displayed on Dr. Bill.


How to Navigate your Claims on the Web App

Even though it’s a new year, many of you might be seeing repeated patients so don’t forget you can easily  Duplicate Past Claims with the same billing code & ICD9 for today’s Date of Service.

Keep Learning

Suggested Learning for CME Accreditation: 

  1. Help develop core skills to prevent opioid overdose and address Opioid Use Disorder in your practice with this free and certified online learning program. This program was built in association with experts from the six medical schools of Ontario.  Click here to enrol.

2. Trouble Keeping up with New Research? Watch the playback of Dr. Michael Allan’s one-hour webinar. (Certified by the CFPC for one Mainpro+ credit – On the playback the webinar starts at 15:47).


Medical podcasts are a great way to stay in-the-loop as they can help strengthen your knowledge or give you new insight. Here’s this month’s suggestions:


Clinical Correlations, is a community of educators and students interested in fostering the flame of curiosity and inspiration, reminding people of how fascinating clinical medicine can be.

Essential EVIDENCE Plus – Poem of the Week

Listen online to this 5 minute episode as Dr. Ebell and Dr. Wilkes discuss how Aspirin alone may be sufficient protection from postop VTE.

News Around the Nation …

Why isn’t there a single medical licence for all doctors in Canada?

The common pill that’s killing in the shadow of the opioid crisis

Canada having ‘substantial’ flu season so far, off to faster start than last year’s

Looking for more tutorials, tips and suggestions? Let us know what you’d like to see in the next Better Billing Newsletter.


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