Software Engineer – iOS


Role type: Employee, full-time
Location: Remote within Canada
Compensation: Salary, variable bonus, and flexible benefits

Role Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join us and help build the future of our mobile apps. You’ll have the opportunity to work on diverse and interesting challenges as we scale up and help shape both our product and how we work.

When you are not busy writing code, you will be contributing to code reviews, supporting other developers, and working with the team to improve how we work.

The Opportunity

  • You’ll have visibility into, and influence over, all parts of the technology stack, and enjoy a high degree of autonomy in your work.

  • You’ll have a clear view of the product roadmap, the business’ long-term vision, and the opportunity to constructively contribute to both.

  • You’ll contribute to the planning, design, development, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of significant portions of the software that supports the chosen solutions.

  • You’ll have the chance to provide and receive feedback from your peers, and get coaching from more experienced engineers both within the team and the broader organization.

  • You’ll use modern tooling throughout, whether that’s something currently part of our stack, or something new that you assess needs to be added to reliably deliver the desired user experience. A snapshot of what’s currently in-use:

    • Swift (for new development) and Objective-C

    • SwiftUI, Core Data, ReactiveSwift, and Combine

    • CI/CD: Github, CircleCI, and Fastlane

  • You’ll enjoy the flexibility, tempo, and ownership of being part of a startup, and the job security of being employed by one of Canada’s most valuable companies.

  • You’ll work with an extremely committed team of colleagues who’re constantly challenging each other, compassionately, and in a transparent, structured way, to get to the next level in our careers.

The Expectations

  • You’ll be responsible for contributing to the design and delivery of a significant portion of the software that supports the business, and for monitoring and maintaining that software in production.

  • You’ll be responsible for finding opportunities to iteratively improve our technology in any feature you work on, paying down technical debt as a habit

  • You’ll put in the work necessary to empathize with the software’s users, and understand their challenges on an emotional level, whether those users are fellow developers, immediate team members, representatives of partner organizations, or end users.

  • You’ll embrace an owner’s mindset: continually striving to make an impact; investing time, energy, and capital as if they were your own; and understanding that no part of the business is outside the scope of your position.

  • You have some production Rails experience, and are starting to form clear opinions about how different development patterns and practices can both negatively and positively impact your ability to be productive in a codebase, and by extension, the reliability of a business’ software platform.

  • You’re curious, and naturally invest energy into learning new technologies, techniques, and interpersonal skills that, you feel, help improve your own productivity and happiness, and the productivity and happiness of those around you. You’re starting to really enjoy what you do, and you’re eager to learn how to do it better.

  • You aspire to have excellent spoken and written communication, time management, and project management abilities. You behave proactively to set expectations and find support when you recognize that there are unforeseen challenges or complexity in projects. It doesn’t take too much work for your team members to clearly understand the state of your work, your delivery plans, and your ideas for improving the business’ software, technology processes, and team culture.

About Dr.Bill

We’re a distributed team who are working to make medical billing easy for Canadian physicians. As a team we value sincerity, openness, self-improvement, and personal wellness. You’ll be measured on output, not your hours worked.

Part of RBC Ventures, a subsidiary of RBC focused on innovation, working at Dr.Bill combines the flexibility and energy of an early-stage business with the stability of one of the world’s most successful financial companies.

About RBC Ventures

Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on RBC Ventures is new kind of organization – one that marries the strength of one of the world’s most trusted and successful financial institutions with a mission to reimagine the role we play in people’s lives. We are building a world class team focused on creating new experiences, exploring new business models and developing new relationships that add value to how people live and work.

Diversity & Inclusion Commitments

RBC is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veterans status, Aboriginal/Native American status or any other legally-protected factors. Disability-related accommodations during the application process are available upon request.