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Running your own medical business often means doing it all, including your billing. Dr.Bill is here to help you do it right, saving you time and stress all while working to maximize each claim.

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I thoroughly enjoy using Dr.Bill’s LabelSnap feature on the mobile app. It’s an easy and efficient way for me to track patient labels throughout the day while integrating claim submissions on the go!
Dr. Aaron Lau, Anesthesiology

Integrate Billing Into Your Day

Whether you see all your patients in one office, or commute to different hospitals, right now billing is likely done at the end of your day. But what if it could be part of your day? The Dr.Bill iOS or Android App is always ready to go. Now you can add a new patient to your files with a simple photo, and submit a claim with a few taps right from your phone.

Bill Smarter, Not Harder

With Dr.Bill, you not only have every billing code at your fingertips, but you can also save the ones you use most for even faster billing. Watch for proactive in-app alerts when an additional code or premium might apply. Once you tap submit, you can go on with your day, confident that even when claims are rejected, Dr.Bill will investigate, correct and resubmit them for you.

Great Features for Individuals

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    Snap a photo of a patient label and you’re all set to make a claim.

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    Smart Billing Automation

    Tap to add fee codes and 3 diagnoses. Get helpful tips on the regular.

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    Bill Multiple Dates

    Simplify your billing by submitting multiple dates for one patient.

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    Efficiency Tools

    Bill faster than ever before with shortcuts to the codes you use most.

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    Transparent Reporting

    With detailed reports you track claims, payments and any rejections.

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    Rejection Management

    If a claim is rejected, Dr.Bill’s experts will review and resubmit.

Designed for Where You Work

Add Multiple Codes

Maximize your billing by adding multiple codes to one claim.

Instantly Create Premiums

Automatically calculate premiums for Bill 03.01AA and others.

Plans Made for Your Business

Helpful Resources

Stay current on all things medical billing with how-to guides, practice management tips and more.

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