Chapter 6:
Bonus Billing Resources

2-minute read
Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the guide! Whether you’ve skipped over some parts or re-read others (like our OHIP Billing Cheat Sheets), we hope you’re getting the hang of it. Billing can seem overwhelming but when you have support and automated services it’s more just about getting started. Below you’ll find a list of billing resources that we know you’ll find useful. Save them to your desktop or mobile phone and refer to them whenever you need to.

OHIP Fee Codes

Here’s a list of important OHIP fee codes, billing tips and searchable databases that you can use to easily find the right OHIP code you’re looking for.

Reminders & Tips

Important Dates

Here’s a list of important dates. Save links to them or write them down but don’t forget!

Printable PDFs

Help Centre Articles

Check our help centre for more questions on how to navigate billing through Dr. Bill. There are over 20 useful articles with detailed screenshots/videos. If at any time you’d like to speak to one of our OHIP billing agents just contact us here.

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