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Airway Surgery

79080 Closure of bronchopleural fistula $953.71
79085 Repair of ruptured bronchus $964.56
79065 Trachael resection $964.56
79075 Tracheal resection - with hilar release $476.11
79070 Tracheal resection - with laryngeal release $476.11

Chest Wall Surgery

79110 Closure of pleurostomy re:longterm care of empyema $498.07
79115 Pectus excavatum and carinatum $776.56
79105 Rib resection for empyema $498.07
79120 Thoracoplasty $776.56

Lung Surgery

79036 Additional wedge resection of lung $78.32

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79020 Bronchoplasty (extra to lobectomy) $247.44
79050 Decortication of lung $1,193.92
79040 Drainage of abscess lung $511.76
79060 Intrathoracic tumor - without lung involvement $1,028.29
79015 Lobectomy $1,364.74
79055 Pleurectomy $765.70
79025 Pneumonectomy - lung $1,482.88
79030 Segmental resection - lung $1,364.74
79035 Thoracotomy - including wedge resection $765.70
79045 Thoracotomy w/wo biopsy or removal foreign body $774.42

Miscellaneous Surgery

79095 Mediastinal cyst or tumour $1,065.18
79100 Mediastinum - thymectomy $795.73
79140 Scalenotomy - anterior $200.86

Referred Cases

79010 Consultation - thoracic surgery $145.41
79005 Emergency visit - thoracic surgery $99.54
79012 Repeat or limited consultation - thoracic surgery $65.45
79009 Subsequent home visit - thoracic surgery $49.89
79008 Subsequent hospital visit - thoracic surgery $24.75
79007 Subsequent office visit - thoracic surgery $29.03

Telehealth Service with Direct Interactive Video Link With the Patient

79210 Telehealth consultation - thoracic surgery $145.41
79212 Telehealth repeat or limited consult - thoracic $65.45
79208 Telehealth subsequent hosp visit thoracic surgery $24.75
79207 Telehealth subsequent office visit thoracic surg $29.03

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