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Consultations / Visits

01810 Emergency medicine consultation $130.28

Fractures & Dislocations

01850 Clavicle fracture: closed - adult $105.60
01851 Fibula fracture, shaft or malleolus - no reduction $91.34
01861 Patella dislocation - closed $66.05
01860 Tmj dislocation - closed reduction $68.95
01862 Toe dislocation - closed $49.54
01870 Toe dislocation - closed $27.70
01871 Toe dislocation - closed $27.70

Level I emergency care

01811 Day-level i emergency care $35.37
01821 Evening-level i emergency care $42.28

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01831 Night -level i emergency care $64.67
01841 Sat, sun, or stat hol - level i emergency care $52.00

Level II emergency care

01812 Day- level ii emergency care $76.00
01822 Evening- level ii emergency care $88.53
01832 Night- level ii emergency care $122.78
01842 Sat, sun or stat hol- level ii emergency care $108.00

Level III emergency care

01813 Day - level iii emergency care $96.14
01823 Evening - level iii emergency care $110.25
01833 Night - level iii emergency care $163.63
01843 Sat, sun or stat hol - level iii emergency care $135.00

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