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Aug. 14, 2018
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The BC government recently announced a new preamble update, requiring specific start and end times.

The Message is as follows:

Preamble Update / F1 00650, 00651, 00652 – Start and End Time Required

The Section Preamble under Time Units has been amended to add:

For all time-based Out-patient claims, start and end times must be entered in both the billing claims and the patient’s chart. In recognition of the nature of In-patient or Institutional psychiatry, the start time of the first patient seen and the end time of the last patient seen each day must be entered in both the billing claims and the patient’s chart.

Physicians must ensure that the patient’s chart contains enough information about time spent with the patient and how this time was billed to allow independent confirmation that there is no overlap in reimbursement received from different payment modalities ( e.g.: FFS, APP).

For Example:

If a patient was seen on five occasions, for between five and ten minutes, at 8:30 (10 min), 9:45 (5 min), 10:00 (5min), 11:00 (10 min) and 11:30 (5 min), the claim could be appropriately submitted as 1 x 00650, as the total time was 35 minutes. However, any other claims from the same physician for services provided between the hours of 8:30 and 11:35 (all payment modalities) cannot exceed a total of, the balance of time, which is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Like other specialists with possible Alternative Payment Plan (APP) funding, there must not be any time overlap in fee items billed by psychiatrists under FFS and APP/sessional contract or arrangements (see also General Preamble C. 24.).

For the fee items listed below, start and end times must be included on the claim submission (billing) and documented in the patient chart for dates of service commencing July 1, 2018.

Psychiatric Treatment Individual
(hospital or institution, in-patient or home):

00650 – per 1/2 hour
00651 – per 3/4 hour
00652 – per 1 hour

Note: Start and end times must be entered in both the billing claims and the patient’s chart (See Psychiatry Preamble 1.).

Claims submitted without start and end times will be refused with explanatory code CF: Time service was rendered is missing or invalid.

For the exact message, see the original broadcast message here:

Preamble Update

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