Why You Need to Switch to Mobile Billing Today

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Sep. 14, 2016
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For healthcare professionals, billing is a pain. Filling out the same paperwork over and over again. Searching through folders upon folders of old documents. Dealing with outdated and clunky software. Having claims get rejected with no clear reason why. You know the drill.

Yet, there is a better way. New mobile billing solutions are available that reduce these burdens for doctors and help them get back to what’s important. So, what are the key benefits of making the switch to mobile billing?

Save Time

Fact: doctors in Canada spend too much time on administrative tasks – as if they didn’t already have enough to deal with!

Typically a doctor will have a spend a few hours each week just on billing their government’s healthcare provider. Couldn’t that time be spent on more important things, like practicing medicine?

We think so – and that’s why our main motivation for building our company has been to make life easier for doctors. Our mobile billing solution lets physicians do their billing during their daily workflow. Instead of spending weeknights and weekends on admin tasks, doctors can bill claims in 30 seconds using their smartphone. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

Mobile billing streamlines your work by automating submissions and having shortcuts to let you bill faster. Systems like ours are built on a database of the various billing codes for each province, making it easy to look up and apply the correct code.

This saves time and reduces the likelihood of a claim getting rejected. The majority of our users report saving at least 5-10 hours a month.

Earn More

Not only do these tools help save you time, they also help you earn more.

It is estimated that physician practices in Canada spend around $20,000 per physician each year interacting with the provincial health agencies about claims, coverage and billing for patient care. Software solutions can simplify and automate these monotonous tasks. Cutting out this workload will help you reduce costs.

As well, research by the Canadian Medical Association shows that the average physician fails to bill for at least 5% of the insured services they provide. They estimate this to translate to forgetting to bill up to $24,000 per year (or $480,000 over 20 years). In light of this, the CMA recommends to:

“Consider an app for your smartphone or tablet that captures all services you deliver when you are out of the office, such as when you are on call or at the hospital.”

With smartphone billing on Dr. Bill, you can snap pictures of your patient data and log claims in under 30 seconds – reducing the chance of missing any claims.

Our service also offers smart billing suggestions in real-time to help you bill better. We also manage and recover the rejections that do occur. About half of our users report earning up to 5-10% more from using a mobile billing solution.

 We surveyed our users - We surveyed our users – “Has Dr. Bill helped you earn more money?”

Manage Claims Securely

Another benefit of billing software services is the enhanced security that is possible with new technology.

Data security is important, and a well-built software infrastructure can provide a secure way to store and manage claims. This adds a layer of security over a paper filing system. For our users, we protect access to your account with the latest security features:

  • Bank-level encryption on your phone, in transit and on the web servers.
  • Two-factor authentication limits unauthorized access to your account.
  • PIN protected access to your app & patient lists

We make sure that every aspect of our system complies with relevant privacy legislation (including PIPA and FOIPPA). Our system also keeps your patient data secure on Canada-based servers.

Get Started with Mobile Billing

Streamlining your practice with mobile billing will help you save time and earn more. A secure system will also provide peace of mind that your billing is being handled safely.

Forget pen & paper, index cards and clunky software – new billing solutions like Dr. Bill make the medical billing process fast and easy. With mobile billing, healthcare professionals can get back to what’s really important.

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